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Total Case Management At Your Fingertips

Co-developed with one of the largest glass display door companies in the world, the ControlTec AS-20 is designed to give you complete control of your frozen and medium temp equipment. The AS-20 combines anti-sweat controls for your energy hungry glass display doors with optional 24 hour temperature sensing and monitoring for your food cases. The system is designed for easy retrofit installation and can also be factory installed in most cases! With very reasonable pricing, this system from ControlTec is a must for the energy conscious store.
"Put your frozen and medium temp equipment under your stringent control."
The ControlTec AS-20 uses a revolutionary dew point sensor to control Anti-Sweat heaters in glass display doors. Instead of running these heaters 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we can determine when they will condensate and automatically turn the heaters on before condensation begins and back off again when not needed!
"Save up to 60%, 70% even 80% on your display door heating costs!"
  • Three year manufacture warranty
  • Normal temp and low temp models
  • Retrofit or factory installed in most cases
  • Virtually invisible
  • Reduces your store's exposure to risk
  • Accepted under most utility rebate programs
  • Continual case temp monitoring endorsed by insurance companies nationwide
This is done on a case by case basis, in most applications, to assure maximum control and utility savings. On new cases, the AS-20 allows the retailer to specify adequate heat in the doors to assure no condensation at any time and the option to shut off those heaters automatically when they are not needed. This strategy is safer and more profitable than low energy doors and gives the retailer confidence on high humidity days.
"The AS-20 is the most accurate way to control Anti-Sweat heaters. It assures proper heater function while providing the most savings achievable with no condensation."
The ControlTec AS-20 was designed to monitor case temperatures 24-7. If an abnormal case temperature is detected, the AS-20 sounds a store alarm and places an automatic call to our 24 hour call center for immediate dispatch. This feature eliminates costly food spoilage and store cleanup!

Combined with our optional wireless control module and software package, the ControlTec AS-20 gives you the ability to store, track, report and printout actual duty cycles, case temps and total dollars saved for any given time period.

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